Our Services

Great Western Valve, Inc. specializes in valve repair and remanufacturing services in control, pipeline, and safety relief valves as well as instruments, positioners, and actuators for the refining, petro-chemical, pipeline, power generation, and pulp & paper industries. The company services all makes and models of automated control valves, pipeline block and bleed isolation valves, all triple off-set butterfly valves, all gate, globe and check valves, and all brand of relief valves.

Great Western Valve provides complete field services at your facility that include preventative maintenance, turnaround services, and emergency call-outs. We are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. We continuously strive to be the industry leader throughout our workplace by promoting professionalism, transparency, integrity, and the very best customer experience. To do this, we believe it is critical to fully communicate work scopes, services, and pricing to our customers so that surprises are an exception, not a business strategy.

Great Western Valve is dedicated to providing quality valve repair at a competitive price. We know how important it is to keep plant equipment maintained to insure minimum costly down time and to have a company you can depend on when your plant equipment needs repairs. Great Western Valve also maintains a large inventory of all manufacturers’ parts to assist in providing timely repairs (or in expediting repairs/or for rapid turnaround time/or to meet your most critical needs).

We are fully insured, stand behind our Guarantee for all work completed, and have flexible delivery times that are often far shorter than OEMs and other valve companies.