Great Western Valve Repair Centers and Field Services are Open and Ready to assist Customers

Mar 17, 2020
Great Western Valve Repair Centers and Field Services are Open and Ready to assist Customers
Company implements COVID-19 Precautions & Screening Policy
HOUSTON – March 17th 2020
At Great Western Valve we share everyone’s concerns about the impacts of COVID-19. We also understand our services are critical to helping our customers continue to operate their plants, terminals, pipelines and other fixed assets. Accordingly, we want our customers to know, our Service Centers and Field Services are open for business and will remain so unless government restrictions dictate otherwise.  
To protect the wellbeing of our employees, customers and their family members from the spread of COVID-19, Great Western Valve is adhering to all CDC precautionary measures (social distancing, cleaning, sterilizing, etc.) and has implemented strict screening procedures as directed by the CDC. Our office and administrative personnel have been split into multiple teams and are alternating office coverage to ensure operations remain open and to allow employees time at home with children and other family members. Our shop machines, work benches, testing stands, etc. have ample spacing between each and, therefore, follow guidance for social distancing. Our field crews are also doing everything possible to keep distance, follow precautionary measures and continue to support our customers. Our account managers have been instructed to work from home to support our customers via phone, email, video conferencing, etc.  
Obviously everyone is in uncharted waters and conditions are very fluid. We are monitoring the situation very closely, communicating regularly with employees, and until further notice want our customers to know we are here to support you in any way we can. Please contact your account manager anytime we can assist or contact any of our eight Texas service centers.  Please check our website for location and account manager information and for any further updates. 
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